Biomedical Excellence for Safer Transfusion
Study Number Study Version (if applicable) Year Study Started Study Title Study Status Publication Number  
113 2017 Haemoglobin screening and deferral policies Active
112 2017 Older donors study Active
111 2017 Pediatric Transfusion Medicine Education Active
110 2017 Titer Products for SafetY: TIPSY Active
109 2017 Effect of Having a Surgical RBC Schedule on the General Availability of rbcs pre-Incision: EHSS GAI Active
108 2017 Human Platelet Lysate Active
107 2017 Better Understanding of Mfi cut-offs for Platelet Transfusions in Refractory Patients: BUMPER Active
106 2017 Oneg Product Transfusion, Inventory Management and Utilization during Shortage: OPTIMUS Active
105 2017 Surveys in Transfusion Active
104 2017 Platelet additive storage lesion mitigation induced by pathogen reduction Active
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