Biomedical Excellence for Safer Transfusion
Study Number Study Version (if applicable) Year Study Started Study Title Study Status Publication Number  
11 1996 Automated white cell count in white cell reduced blood components Completed 19
10 1996 Platelet transfusion in routine practice Closed
9 1996 In vitro assays for evaluation of the properties of stored platelets: interlaboratory study to evaluate lactate, lactate dehydrogenase and CD62 parameters Completed 16
8 1995 Multicenter evaluation of the 3% PFA method for white cell counting in leukocyte-reduced red blood cells Completed 11
7 1994 Use of in vitro assays: evaluation of platelet properties using the extent of shape change, and response to hypotonic stress assays Completed 14
6 1994 Cellular harvests in blood components prepared with buffy-coat removal versus methods based on platelet-rich plasma Completed 6,7,13
5 1994 Relation between swirling and other methods for PC quality control Completed 4,5
4 1994 Evaluation of platelet swirling vs pH in routine PC Completed 9
3 1993 Quality control of platelet concentrates by shimmering inspection Completed 2.4
2 1992 Counting leukocytes by Nageotte chamber in leukocyte-depleted red blood cells Completed 3,10
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