Biomedical Excellence for Safer Transfusion
Study Number Study Version (if applicable) Year Study Started Study Title Study Status Publication Number  
82 2014 Survey for Component Transformation Active, Manuscript in Preparation
81 2014 Dendritic Cells and Function Active
80 2014 MSCs: Inter-laboratory variability Active, Manuscript in Preparation
79 2014 Transfusion Reaction Guidelines Completed 94
78 2014 DARA-DTT Study Completed 98,100
77 2014 An International Study of Donor Demographic Trends Active
76 2014 A Case-Control Study of Donor Factors Associated with Unacceptably Low pH in Stored Apheresis Platelets Completed 104
75 2013 D sensitization after platelet transfusion: ADAPT Completed 88
74 2013 Irradiation of Red Cells Active, Manuscript in Preparation
73 2013 Influencing Plasma uSage With Information that is Computerized and Helpful: IPSWICH Closed
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