Biomedical Excellence for Safer Transfusion

Manufacturer Members

As a non-profit organization, the BEST Collaborative is grateful for the membership of the following manufacturers in helping to support our mission. Please click on each Company name to view further details, including a link to the company's website. You may download an Excel (.XLS) file by clicking on the Excel icon in the upper corner of this content window.

For information about becoming a manufacturer member, please contact  The BEST Collaborative Chair, Michael Murphy, MD.

Manufacturer Member Associate Member
Asahi-Kasei Kenji Kobayashi John de Mullet
BioLife Solutions Aby Mathew Brian Hawkins
Fresenius SE TBD Stefan Kolb, Augustin Min
Grifols, Inc Jorge Delgado Esther Fages, Jerry Holmberg
HemoCue Mark Bellwood Annika Eriksson
Immucor Michael Spigarelli William Cork, TBD
LightIntegra Technology Elisabeth Maurer
MacoPharma Frank Tolksdorf Bruno Delorme
New Health Sciences Martin Cannon Tatsuro Yoshida
Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Tony Casina Matthew Dawson
Quotient Jim Donnelly Scott Douglas
Terumo BCT Rotating Rotating
Verax Biomedical Paul Mintz Joe Sanders