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For BEST Members Area Menu there is a pull-down menu above. As you navigate through the Members Area you will see a sub-menu for each section appear above, and in addition, in the off-canvas menu accessed by clicking on the "hamburger button" on the upper right. These menus will only display if you have access to each area.

Please note that meeting guests do not currently have access to the Members' Area. Meeting guests were sent a separate meeting RSVP invitation and a link to download the meeting materials designated for guests.

The next BEST Meeting will be held in-person for those who are able and willing to travel. We continue to monitor the situation with the COVID pandemic.

The BEST Meeting will be held on 13-14 October 2021 at the Marina del Rey Marriott, located just 6 miles north of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Marriott Hotels have a comprehensive policy related to cleanliness and safety, which you can review HERE. To view the latest agenda please click HERE. We will be also hosting the meeting live via Zoom for those unable to attend.  Please note that the Zoom sessions require individual registrations.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: You should also be aware that we will be requiring proof of COVID vaccination at our meeting venue, and this requirement is being enforced at many other indoor spaces in Los Angeles. 

The RSVP for the meeting is posted now closed. 

  • The meeting book for BEST Members is now posted in the BEST Meeting Books section. BEST Meeting guests are being sent a separate book with sections 00-02 only.
  • The policy for inviting MEETING guests, including for Virtual Meetings is posted HERE.
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