#Meeting DateMeeting LocationSatellite Meeting To
53April 2017Sydney, Australia 
52Oct 2016Orlando, FL USAAABB Annual Meeting
51April 2016Christ Church College, Oxford University, UK 
50Oct 2015Long Beach, California USAAABB Annual Meeting
49 April 2015Lille, France 
48Oct 2014Philadelphia, PA USAAABB Annual Meeting
47April 2014Barcelona, Spain 
46Oct 2013Denver, Colorado USAAABB Annual Meeting
45April 2013Dublin, Ireland 
44Oct 2012Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH USAAABB Annual Meeting
43April 2012Leuven, Belgium 
42Oct 2011San Diego, CA, USAAABB Annual Meeting
41April 2011Bad Homburg, Germany 
40Oct 2010Baltimore, MD, USAAABB Annual Meeting
39March 2010Lisbon, Portugal 
38Oct 2009New Orleans, LA, USAAABB Annual Meeting
37April 2009Krakow, Poland 
36Oct 2008Montreal, QC CanadaAABB Annual Meeting
35April 2008Cambridge, UKBritish Society for Haematology 48th Annual Scientific Meeting 7-9 April 2008, SECC Glasgow
34Oct 2007Dana Point, CA, USAAABB Annual Meeting
33April 2007Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
32Sept 2006Cape Town, South Africa29th Congress of the ISBT
31March 2006Barcelona, Spain 
30Oct 2005Seattle, WA, USA58th Annual Meeting AABB
29March 2005Rome, Italy 
28July 2004Edinburgh, Scotland28th Congress of the ISBT
27Feb 2004Paget, Bermuda 
26Oct 2003San Diego, CA, USA56th Annual Meeting AABB
25May 2003Frankfurt, GermanyISBT European Congress (planned)
24Aug 23, 2002Vancouver, BC, Canada27th Congress of the ISBT
23Apri 6, 2002Oxford, England 
22Oct 12, 2001San Antonio, TX, USA54th Annual Meeting AABB
21May 5, 2001Paris, France 
20Nov 3, 2000Washington, DC, USA53rd Annual Meeting AABB
19July 8, 2000Vienna, AustriaISBT Congress
18Nov 5, 1999San Francisco, CA, USA52nd Annual Meeting AABB
17May 9, 1999Jerusalem, IsraelISBT Congress
16Oct 30, 1998Philadelphia, PA, USA51st Annual Meeting AABB
15June 26, 1998Oslo, NorwayXXV Congress of the ISBT
14Sept 30, 1997Frankfurt, GermanyISBT Congress Regional Section
13June 14, 1997Milano, Italy16th Congress of the ISTH
12Oct 13, 1996Orlando, FL, USA49th Annual Meeting AABB
11Mar 30, 1996Tokyo, JapanXXIV Congress ISBT
10Nov 12, 1995New Orleans, LA, USA48th Annual Meeting AABB
9July 12, 1995Venezia, ItalyV Regional Congress ISBT
8Nov 13, 1994San Diego, CA, USA47th Annual Meeting AABB
7July 2, 1994Amsterdam, The NetherlandsXXII Congress ISBT
6Oct 22, 1993Miami, FL, USA46th Annual Meeting AABB
5June 13, 1993Barcelona, SpainIV Regional Congress ISBT
4Nov 8, 1992San Francisco, CA, USA45th Annual Meeting AABB
3Mar 26, 1992Arlington, VA, USALeukoreduction conference AABB
2Nov 8, 1991Baltimore, MD, USA44th Annual Meeting AABB
1Sept 6, 1991Basel, Switzerland11th Meeting ISH