Biomedical Excellence for Safer Transfusion
# Meeting Date Meeting Location Satellite Meeting To  
13 June 1997 Milano, Italy 16th Congress of the ISTH
12 Oct 1996 Orlando, FL USA 49th Annual Meeting AABB
11 Mar 1996 Tokyo, Japan XXIV Congress ISBT
10 Nov 1995 New Orleans, LA USA 48th Annual Meeting AABB
9 July 1995 Venezia, Italy V Regional Congress ISBT
8 Nov 1994 San Diego, CA USA 47th Annual Meeting AABB
7 July 1994 Amsterdam, The Netherlands XXII Congress ISBT
6 Oct 1993 Miami, FL USA 46th Annual Meeting AABB
5 June 1993 Barcelona, Spain IV Regional Congress ISBT
4 Nov 1992 San Francisco, CA USA 45th Annual Meeting AABB
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