BEST Studies

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Study Number Study Version Year Started Study Title Study Status Publication Number
35 2004 Platelet quality control standardization send-around Completed 77
34 2004 Bacterial contamination detection questionnaire Completed 52
33 2004 Comparison of radiolabeling and flow cytometry for determining platelet kinetics Active-Manuscript in Preparation
32 2006 Standardisation of the CFU assay Completed 82
31 2003 Randomized controlled trial of a simple intervention to improve performance of the pretransfusion bedside identity check (PROBE Study) Completed 49
30 2003 Survey to understand cell recovery in thawed cord blood samples Completed 51
29 A 2003 Survey to identify release criteria being utilized with cellular therapy products Closed
29 B 2003 Transportation/shipping survey Completed 60
28 2003 Inter-lab pilot study on the quality characteristics of dendritic cells Completed 50
27 2003 A descriptive analysis of international transfusion practice and bleeding outcomes in patients with acute leukemia Completed 40
26 2003 Comparison of in vitro analyses of red cell units across multiple labs Completed 37
25 2003 Comparison of Recovery and Survival of Extended Storage PRP and Buffy Coat Platelets in Health Volunteers Completed 63
24 2003 Effect of two days’ shipping on platelet function and biochemical analyses Completed 35
23 2003 Effect of supranormal pH on radiolabeled platelet recovery and survival Completed 38
22 2002 Evaluation of the hemostatis efficacy and the platelet utilization rates of low versus standard dose platelet therapy (SToP) Completed 26, 29, 31
21 2002 Effect of storage medium and protein source on ESC and HSR Completed 30
21 A 2001 Effect of storage medium and protein source on ESC and HSR (pilot study) Completed 24
20 2001 Effects of interruption of agitation of platelet concentrates stored in PAS environment (pilot study) Completed 32
19 A-F 2001 Evaluation of in vitro asay utilized to evaluate cord blood hemopoietic stem cell products Completed 33, 39
18 2001 The COBS (collection of blood samples) study Completed 25, 27