Biomedical Excellence for Safer Transfusion
  • Biomedical Excellence for Safer Transfusion (BEST)
    Biomedical Excellence for Safer Transfusion (BEST)

    BEST Collaborative is an international research organization that works collaboratively to explore ways to improve transfusion-related services through…

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    BEST Membership

    The BEST collaborative is a unique free-standing group of over 150 manufacturers, clinicians, and scientists from 22 countries committed to improving transfusion…

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    BEST Meetings

    BEST meetings are held twice per year. and attendance is open to all members. Invited guests may attend with pre-approval of the Chair.

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    Press Releases

    Official notices regarding significant publications, special events and member news.

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    Recommended Procedures

    Several best practice documents are available for download

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    Any commercial organization or Blood Service interested in advancing the purpose of BEST may become a supporter of BEST by paying the annual dues amount; providing a…

Latest News

Call for Scientific Applications

The application period for Scientific Applications is now closed.

Press Release 13 Dec 2017

Ziggy Szczepiorkowski, MD, PhD elected Chair, effective Oct 2018

Transfusion Update Event

was held in Sydney Australia in April 2017.

Member Reminders

  • Thank you to all who attended the Florence Meeting!
  • Meeting presentations from the Florence Meeting will be posted in the coming weeks. These will be available to members only.
  • Information on the meeting in Newport, Rhode Island to be held prior to the Boston AABB Meeting in October will be posted in June.
  • Applications for Scientific Membership are under review. The application period has now closed.

April 2018


BEST LV Meeting

Dates for the Meeting in Florence, Italy were April 27-28, 2018.

Important News

  • The meeting location was the FH-Grand Hotel Mediterraneo
  • The BEST Book is available for download for members
  • Meeting presentations will be posted in the coming weeks


October 2018

Newport RI

BEST LVI Meeting

The meeting dates for the Fall Meeting are October 10-11, 2018.


  • The Newport Harbor Hotel & Marina, Newport, Rhode Island
  • Immediately prior to the AABB Meeting in Boston
  • Room reservations will be available mid-June 2018
  • Note that this will be a full 2-day meeting!



The Clinical Transfusion Studies Team

The Clinical Transfusion Studies Team of BEST seeks to conduct collaborative international studies that address questions regarding the safety, efficacy, or efficient use of transfused blood and components. Our projects are based principally in hospitals related to BEST members. We perform pilot exploratory studies, definitive large-scale studies, randomized trials, surveys, laboratory-based investigation and qualitative research. While principally focused on advanced healthcare systems, we are also eager to consider projects suited to countries with emerging economies.

Recent projects from the Clinical Transfusion Studies team have included:

  • A study to model the effect of changes in RBC storage on the inventory of blood available 
  • Development of a validated exam to assess physician transfusion medicine knowledge.
  • Multi-institutional analyses of low platelet count samples at transfusion threshold levels to determine impact on the decision to transfuse.
  • Determining the frequency of anti-D allo-immunization following D+ platelet transfusions.

Current projects include:

  • Development and validation of a consensus bleeding assessment tool
  • A trial to evaluate whether feedback of current utilization to individual physicians will lead to improved blood product utilization.
  • Analysis of the impact of computerized results on plasma usage
  • A study of warm auto-RBC antibody testing and RBC selection practices
  • The influence of antigen matching on gestational outcomes

The team leaders for Transfusion Safety are Mark Fung, MD PhD, Associate Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of Vermont, and Director of Blood Bank and HLA Laboratory, Fletcher Allen Health Care, Burlington, Vermont (USA), and Alan Tinmouth, MD, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottowa, Medical Consultant, Canadian Blood Services.