Biomedical Excellence for Safer Transfusion

How often are BEST Meetings held?

Meetings are held twice per year and are open to all BEST Members. Member attendance and participation at these meetings is highly encouraged and allows the opportunity for highly productive discussions. Meetings will be held whenever reasonably feasible in conjunction with professional society meetings commonly attended by members.

An invited guest of a current BEST Member may attend an individual BEST Meeting with pre-approval of the current President. Approvals are required for EACH meeting regardless of location and include virtual attendance as well.

How do I become a BEST Scientific Member?

A call for Scientific Membership occurs every four years. The last call was held in Spring 2022, and the application period closed in June 2022, after which time the Board of Directors will make their selections. The new 4-year term will begin following the conclusion of the September 2022 meeting.

Individuals who are members of organizations interested in becoming sponsoring members should view the information HERE.

How do I get information on Sponsorship by my Organization?

Any commercial organization or Blood Service interested in advancing the mission of BEST may become a supporter of BEST by paying the annual dues amount and providing a Member at meetings to participate in discussions.

More details may be found HERE.

For information about sponsoring BEST Collaborative, please contact The BEST Collaborative President, Ziggy Szczepiorkowski, MD

How do I retrieve my member login credentials?

Please be aware that passwords are encrypted and current passwords cannot be retrieved, verified or sent to you. You must use the "Forgot Login?" function to reset your password. You may change your password in the "My Membership Info" in the Members Area once you successfully log in.

The "Forgot Login" function has the capability of retrieving your username. You must have access to the same email address used for your membership information. If you no longer have access to that email address, please contact the the BEST Executive Director at .

Please be aware that NO user information will be sent to anyone other than directly to the individual to which it belongs. Requests for login assistance by other colleagues or personal assistants cannot be honored.

How do I get Meeting Materials?

All meeting materials are posted in the Members Area of the website. Files are secure PDFs and are not able to be sent directly to individuals. Pre- approved and registered meeting guests will be distributed an abbreviated version separately. 

Meeting materials are posted approximately 2 weeks in advance of each meeting.