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  1. Neither the BEST Collaborative nor its members are responsible for any consequences related to the use of the "BEST Collaborative Excel Template for Sample Errors" or other applications of statistical process control.
  2. The BEST Collaborative will not offer software support for use of the Excel template.
  3. The Excel template is offered for academic use, is free, and is not intended for any commercial use.

Three files are available to you.


pdf  Instructions for using the BEST Collaborative Excel Template for Sample Errors (41.77 kB)

spreadsheet  BEST Collaborative Excel Template for Sample Errors (62 kB)

pdf  Directions to Obtain EpiData Software (12.03 kB)


For more information on the use of these downloads, please see: Dzik WS, Beckman N, Selleng K, Heddle N, Szczepiorkowski Z, Wendel S, Murphy M. Errors in patient specimen collection: application of statistical process control. 2008 Oct;48(10):2143-51. Epub 2008 Jul 30. External Link