Biomedical Excellence for Safer Transfusion

Symposium Recording Now Available for Viewing

BEST is proud to have hosted a special Symposium celebrating its 30th Anniversary. The Symposium was held virtually, and the recording is now available for viewing. Please note that you will need a password to access this recording for the first time. Click HERE to access the form to obtain the password. You will receive information on how to view the recording upon completing the form.

The Symposium highlighted the past, present, and future of BEST and the Transfusion Medicine industry.


Part 1: The First 30 Years of BEST
  Welcome & Introduction
 Ziggy Szczepiorkowski

The origins and early development of BEST
 Paolo Rebulla

Reflections on the role of manufacturing members
 Sam Wortham
 Jeffrey E. Miripol
 Larry Dumont
Part 2: Scott Murphy Memorial Award Lecture 

Presentation of Award 
 Ziggy Szczepiorkowski

Scott Murphy Memorial Award Lecture
 Shailaja Hegde, PhD 
Part 3: What’s Next for BEST: Team Leader Presentations 

BEST Team Leaders
 Cellular Therapy: David Stroncek, David McKenna
 Clinical Transfusion Studies: Mark Fung, Alan Tinmouth
 Conventional Components: Dana Devine, Rebecca Cardigan
 Donor Studies: Ralph Vassallo, Marc Germain
Part 4: Horizon Scanning 
 Mike Murphy

The Future of Transfusion Medicine
 Simone Glynn

Closing Remarks 
 Ziggy Szczepiorkowski