Biomedical Excellence for Safer Transfusion

Platelet Radiolabeling Procedure

This file contains contains a procedure for the radiolabeling of both stored and fresh platelets and their autologous reinfusion for the determination of recovery and survival as published in the November, 2006 supplement to Transfusion. It is being made available on the BEST website in a downloadable format to facilitate implementation as the routine procedure in laboratories performing this kind of work. When referencing this procedure, please cite the Transfusion Supplement.

As detailed in other manuscripts in the Supplement, this procedure was derived from the validated, seminal work of Andrew Heaton, Stein Holme and colleagues in Norfolk, Virginia, and adapted for application to Scott Murphy’s insightful approach of comparing a new platelet preparation to fresh platelets from the same subject. The effort of adapting the procedure (kindly made available by the American Red Cross) for this purpose and thoroughly discussing and debating its content were undertaken by the members of the Biomedical Excellence for Safer Transfusion (BEST) Collaborative through multiple meetings over a two-year period. The validation of the adaptation and its application can be found reviewed in other papers in this Supplement. Deviations from this procedure should be accompanied by appropriate validation and documentation.

Many individuals contributed substantial time and effort in developing, reviewing and validating this procedure. In particular, the leadership of the authors of the other articles in this Supplement should be noted as well as the meticulous reviewing undertaken by Lisa Cooke, Louise Herschel, Jill Roger, Sherrill Slichter, and Ralph Vassallo.

BEST welcomes receipt of comments regarding the procedure and suggestions for further development.


document  BEST Platelet Labeling SOP as Published (121 kB)